Shiva Infotech’s Remote Support module helps us to easily connect to your computer through the Internet and provide remote support service. This helps us to give you efficient remote support, as if our experts are there in front of your computer.

At Shiva Infotech we understand your desire to protect personal information and privacy. We have ensured that every activity which is performed by Shiva Infotech Support executive will be visible to you on your screen. At any point of time, if you feel you should terminate the remote support session you may do so by informing the Support executive.

By using this feature, you consent to share your computer and the information in it with Shiva Infotech. Please note that while using this tool(teamviewer), the information or data stored in your computer may be revealed to Shiva Infotech Support executive performing remote support session. We ensure that this information will only be used to provide you better services. We follow all security measures with international information practices, to protect your personal information. These measures include technical and procedural steps to protect your data from misuse, unauthorized access or disclosure.

In no event will Shiva Infotech or its suppliers be liable to you or anyone else for any damages including loss of data, lost profits or any other damages arising out of remote support session. This disclaimers and limitations set forth and above will apply regardless of whether you accept the remote support.


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