System Analysis & Consultancy

Systems Analysis and IT audit studies typically investigate the issues with an existing system in order to understand what exists, how it works, what problems it poses (or are anticipated) and what potential solutions may be considered to address those issues.

Our analysis services investigate specific business issues or system deficiencies to understand the business requirements that should be supported by that system and produce a scorecard identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the existing arrangement with respect to them.

Business analysis generally considers all potential elements that may influence how well a particular set of business requirements is addressed. This encompasses the organisations, people, processes, technologies and data; including governance models, organisational culture, team dynamics and reward models.

Business analysis studies can result in numerous output deliverables including current estate inventories, business requirements specifications, risk identification and analysis, cost-benefits analysis, workflow improvement designs, etc.

The lines between business analysis and systems analysis can (and should) blur as both consider systems as a set of people, processes, tools and data. Our Systems Analysis focus more towards the technology end of the spectrum and our Business Analysis services concentrate more on the process end and support for the overall business case.

In a broad sense, a general methodology (not a fixed set of techniques) that applies a 'systems' or 'holistic' perspective by taking all aspects of the situation into account, and by concentrating on the interactions between its different elements. It provides a framework in which judgments of the experts in different fields can be combined to determine what must be done, and what is the best way to accomplish it in light of current and future needs. Although closely associated with data or information processing, the practice of SA has been in existence since long before computers were invented.

In a narrow sense, analysis of the current and future roles of proposed computer system in an organization, The system analyst (usually a software engineer or programmer) examines the flow of documents, information, and material to design a system that best meets the cost, performance, and scheduling objectives.

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